Destiny – What Is The Next DLC?

sparrow 3

Bungie confirmed that there will be no DLC expansions for Destiny throughout the year 2 timeline. So what does this mean for players who anxiously want to visit the game in hope of new fun to dive into?

Here’s what we Know:

  • Destiny content throughout year 2 will consist of FREE small DLC drops with the option of microtransactions
  • There will be NO expansions until the next huge Destiny release
  • Festival of the Lost/SPL (Sparrow Racing League) are examples of the smaller DLC drops

Will these smaller drops be enough for Destiny players who want to continue to dive into this expansive universe? The next DLC will not be seen until at least June (most likely during the E3 press conference). There were leaks awhile back about Vex and Cabal based DLC’s dropping for this year, but now that we know that this plan has changed.. are they going to continue with the Vex and Cabal themed DLC for year 3?


Today we got the image above showcasing the “Buried Giant” Concept art. This art may give us a hint at what to expect come next September. If this is the raid, who will we be facing off against on Mars? Perhaps some Cabal God or maybe a long lost Vex entity? Who knows. Let us know you opinions down below! Anyway, This has been Evade here and ill catch you guys next time.

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