Destiny: Taken King Losing Players on Xbox One

Destiny used to be the most views console game on Twitch and one of the most played shooters on console. Now Destiny is sitting with the likes of Halo 5 in terms of low population on Xbox One. But just how low has the player count dropped?

Destiny: The Taken King released on Xbox and Playstation platforms September 17 of this year. Now almost three months into its life cycle players on the Xbox One are already jumping ship in masses. At release of Taken King, Destiny was always in the Top Three most played games on the Xbox One. But, through these past three months Destiny has dropped lower and lower on the list. And, while the reasoning behind this is certainly that many Destiny players are trying out new games until the next content drop for the game, Destiny as a whole does not have a reason for players to keep playing right now. This is especially apparent for those players who are not really big into raiding and/or Destiny PvP ie. Trials of Osiris.

So, how many players are on Xbox One for Destiny exactly? Destiny has dropped on the most played list from Top Three, to now eighth just behind seventh in Halo 5. Although Destiny does not have a player counter in game or online, game like Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 4 have server counters online. From this we are able to estimate a total player base currently involved in any game on the most played list on A website called has a live counter for players on all three platforms for Star Wars Battlefront. And, with Star Wars being fifth on the list, our estimation should be pretty accurate. Right now Star Wars Battlefront averages around 50k-60k peak players on Xbox One daily. So, with Destiny being three spots lower on the list then Star Wars, we can accurately guess that Destiny has around 40k-50k peak daily players. This is basically half the total players base that Destiny had just three months ago on Xbox One. Now while Destiny is losing players on Xbox One, we also have to remember that Xbox players are the minority with this game. Playstation clearly has a high player count then Xbox, but that does not mean that this is not a complete representation of Destiny a whole in its current state.


With the Sparrow Racing League just being announced for Destiny: Taken King players this past weekend at PSX it is safe to say that the population will grow a little bit for a short time. But, do not be mistaken to think that this will completely bring back the players base. Destiny will not be back where it was until Bungie announces a large piece of content that we will have the opportunity to get through either purchase, or free DLC. A lot of people are frustrated with Bungie right now with how they are doing things with Destiny, so simply adding a new timed game-mode will not bring everyone back.

Will Destiny get its player base back? If so, how long will it take? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to check out our friends AimAssistGaming for great weekly Destiny content. And, stay tuned here to DestinyFollower for more Destiny news and Entertainment.

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