Destiny Lore – The City Age

There are three ages that are acknowledged by the surviving humans, Exos, and Awoken. These are:

  1. The Golden Age, in which humanity prospered, human life-span tripled, and major technological advances helped push humanity to new and greater heights never before thought to have been achievable.
  2. The Dark Age, the time shortly after the Collapse and the Darkness along with many other forces roamed the wilds and nearly pushed humanity to extinction. Hope was dim and there was hardly any Light left behind. But in a last-ditch effort, the Traveler used the last of its Light, created the Guardians through the Ghosts, and went dormant. The Guardians were born to push back the Darkness and reclaim Earth once more.
  3. And finally, the City Age. Nobody is quite sure how exactly this age began. Perhaps when final survivors all gathered beneath the Traveler to live in peace, rather than out in the chaos of the wilds. Or maybe it was when the Titans raised the first wall? Or was it even at the Battle of Six Fronts, when the City Vanguard faced the first coordinated attack from the Darkness and were able to repel it successfully.

The City and the age following surely did not rise without struggle. Warlords and other forces from the wilds attempted to cling to their hold on power. Starvation, disease, and anarchy throughout the survivors grew and spread. But the Guardians held the line, and the survivors and descendants of the Golden Age kept the fire burning and helped spread hope. There are many legendary heroes and events that walk their way through this time in our history. The Iron Lords, Saint-14’s Crusade, The Great Hunt of the Ahamkara’s, the writings of Toland the Shattered, The Faction Wars, and last but certainly not the least, the defeat and terrifyingly short effort to retake the Moon with Eris and her fireteam.

The City eventually learned how to breath again, but it awoke in a world overrun by aliens (i.e. the Fallen, Hive, etc.). It faced disaster and defeat time and time again. Even in recent years, as Guardians begin to venture back to the Moon and the inner-terrestrial planets, the City’s territory has withdrawn – outer sections abandoned and converted into fortifications in the wake of the Battle of Twilight Gap. The only remaining districts that still thrive with life are the Core (the central district directly underneath the Traveler, as well as the location of the Hall of Consensus), Core East, Core South, the Military District, District 125, and the City Perimeter (which is constantly being patrolled and guarded by the Vanguard. There are certain Towers that are still being used such as the central Tower and Bannerfall, but most have been abandoned for general use.

Many are unsure of the true location of the last City, many believe it is in Old Russia as that is where many of our patrols take place. But others are convinced that perhaps it is in Nepal due to the location of the Sun and other such cosmic entities. That is diving into a speculation, so we might save that for another time.

Despite all of the chaos, death, disease, and hunger that the Dark Age brought upon the City, the City’s shipwrights and foundries hum with energy, the people breath with new life, and the Guardians vow to protect this new way of living with their dying breath. New allies and cooperatives are being created all the time. The Darkness may be back and rising again, but as we can all see – so is the Light.

That’s it for today’s lore, Guardians. I hope you liked hearing another story about our history and where we came from and how we got there. There’s a good amount of events and details shared in this specific story that I do not think we got to share in any other video, so it is possible I may turn those into separate lore articles/videos in the future. Anyway, thanks so much for reading/watching.

My name is Ian Campbell, and until next time…

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