‘Destiny 2’ being helped developed by High Moon Studios?


According to a news report on Kotaku the sequel to Destiny, presumably ‘Destiny 2,’ is in development at Bungie with the help of High Moon Studios.

High Moon Studios, if that name sounds familiar, helped out with a Destiny expansion code-named Comet during 2013. This expansion was originally to feature a new destination, Europa, as well as a new public space on Mars among other things. The expansion originally had a price tag of $60 USD and was eventually canned later in 2014 for being too ambitious. However, the remnants of this expansion were eventually re-worked and refined as last month’s, ‘The Taken King’.

As the report suggests, Bungie is once again requesting the help of High Moon Studios to finish development on the much anticipated sequel to Destiny, supposedly due next year. The Mars public space was apparently sent off to High Moon Studios to be refined and actually added into the sequel. I guess we will have to wait and see what Bungie and High Moon have in store for us come next year. Perhaps we will see some more bite-sized DLC packs in the coming months similar to The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

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