Destiny Lore – The Story of Oryx, The Taken King (What We Know So Far)

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Oryx, leader-God and the most prominent figures within the Hive, is one of the biggest threats to the Solar System that we Guardians are soon to face.

Not much is known about the origin of this entity, but we do know of how much the Hive look up to him and worship him. There are hundreds of shrines scattered throughout the Solar System and beyond, allowing the Hive to communicate with His dark presence from light-years away. It is also known that the name, Oryx, appears in many Hive rituals, presumably used to summon dark figures and allow the use of dark magic.

Osiris, legendary Warlock-scholar, studied the Hive extensively and prophesied that Crota, Son of Oryx, and his followers, would pave the way for Oryx’s return in the coming future. Crota was the youngest within the Hive-god pantheon and heir to the Osmium throne—presumed to currently be Oryx’s seat of power. We’ve seen Osiris’s prophecy pan out before us, with Crota and his army’s awakening. For those who are unaware, the Hive hierarchy is broken up into different sects, with each God or general having his own sect. Crota had his own sect lead by the witch, Omnigul, though Crota is actually part of a larger sect called, “Blood of Oryx”, who are presumed to be direct servants of Oryx.


Ultimately, we defeated Crota and his army through a vicious raid within the Hellmouth located inside the Moon, but needless to say, Oryx is not pleased at his son’s demise. Crota’s goal was to defeat Humanity and claim Earth for the Hive and his father, but he failed.

Within various missions and dialogue in-game, we hear some interesting details about Oryx and his return. For instance, within the mission appropriately titled, “Shrine of Oryx”, your goal is to dive into the Hellmouth and destroy both Sardon, Eye of Oryx, and the shrine itself. No information is given about who Sardon is, but we can assume he is a guardian of the Shrine of Oryx, and we can safely assume that there are multiple Hive-guardians protecting the various shrines throughout the Solar System. Also, before staring the same mission, there is some dialogue straight from Osiris himself who says:

“Every end crawls from the same pit, raising from the schism to swallow matter, light, and life. It will not be stopped. But here, it can be slowed. The Shrines of Oryx must be destroyed.”

And at the end of the mission your Ghost says:

“We severed their connection. The shrine it was communing with something out there. Their God? Or king? Well not anymore. Whatever it is, it’s still out there.”


So let’s take a look at what we’ve gone over so far. We know that Oryx is the most prominent god within the Hive pantheon and that he, along with his servants, are on their way to our Solar System to avenge Crota’s death. Oryx is one to be feared and his return has been prophesied by Osiris for quite a while, along with Eris Morn’s near-death encounter with Crota and Oryx’s presence. But what truly lies behind Oryx’s godly power? That, my friends, is the Darkness itself.

Oryx is coming with an army; an army in which the likes we have never seen. This army is known as the Taken, appropriately named as they are literally “taken” and ripped from our dimension by Oryx using powerful dark magic. They are corrupted, twisted and turned into something other-worldly. Eerily, they have the look of being tortured, burned and mangled and give off a supernatural blue flame-glow. Their powers are infused with the Darkness and should be feared as such. Oryx is not to be taken lightly, Guardians. If we allow him, he could be our undoing…and eventually, our demise.


That’s it for this week’s lore, folks! We hope you enjoyed us going back and revising the Oryx lore a bit more before the launch of ‘The Taken King’ next week! Now before I go any further, there will be a lore article next week on the SITE. However, due to the overflux of TTK content on the channel, we will be postponing a lore video for next week and will just put it out the week after. This means that lore articles are going to be a week behind on the site and channel until we get that sorted out, so bare with us.

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    One note: those should be little g’s.

    So the hive ritual mission where your free the shard of the Traveler, do you think that was the Syphon witches power of were they simply creating a tether for Oryx to use his against the Traveler? If the latter, we begin to see how strong the Traveler is, even in a dormant state!