What is Destiny Follower?

If you are reading this article then you may or may not be wondering why you are here are and what Destiny Follower is. Well if this is you then you are in luck, as I will be explaining the answer to this question right now.

Destiny Follower Facebook Background

Destiny Follower was started back in September 2014 just before the release of Destiny. Evade, the executive of Destiny Follower began working there right around the time of the release of the game. He has since been working on Destiny Follower and keeping this organization pumping with daily Destiny content on our YouTube Channel.


So what do we do at Destiny Follower?


We cover the latest news on Destiny and anything concerning the franchise. Along with that we have weekly shows of entertainment dealing with Destiny. You can find this content both on our Website and at our YouTube Channel.



  • Evade – Executive at Follower Interactive
  • Buckeye – Executive at Follower Interactive
  • Taquin – Video Editor at Destiny Follower
  • Vahron – Video Editor at Destiny Follower
  • Ian Campbell – Writer at Destiny Follower
  • Jasper Zarrindast – Writer at Destiny Follower


This pretty much wraps everything you need to know about who we are and what we do at Destiny Follower. For more Destiny content stay tuned to DestinyFollower.com and our YouTube Channel. I have been Buckeye, I will see you in the next one.


My name is Buckeye, I am an executive at Follower Interactive and work daily at Destiny Follower. I originally began working at Follower in June of 2014 at Halo Follower, but have for the past 4-5 months started working at Destiny Follower because of my love for the game and its community.